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Date Posted:  9/18/2023 6:04:54 PM

Location: Makati City

The Site HR/Timekeeper is the overall in-charge of tasks below:
Extracts time entries in the Biometrics and converts to timesheet template for weekly-paid workers                          
Submits timekeeping summary and other payroll related documents needed to HO-HC Payroll-in-Charge for payroll processing.                        
Reviews timesheet/ biometrics record and other documents to detect and reconcile payroll errors/ discrepancies.                     
Issues workers' pay slip and statement of earnings and deduction before payroll release.                          
Compiles employees' time and payroll data from timesheet and other records- biometrics as primary source of record.                         
Spot checking on project site to verify and monitor the manpower attendance and/or monitors workers on site.                 
Checks and monitors cost control in payroll.                   
Checks and validates the ATM payroll account requirements of the newly-hired workers for transmittal/ submission to the bank.                        
BENEFITS FACILITATION                       
Validates and registers government mandated numbers of the workers timely.
Assists workers in filling loan applications, benefit claims, and other company-initiated benefits
RECRUITMENT AND MANPOWER                     
Posts ad on vacancies and informs the hiring of the project for manpower request/ announces position vacancies (skilled and nonskilled) during toolbox.                    
Checks and validates documents/requirements of applicants.                      
Interviews and screens applicant/s graciously as needed hiring to deployment.
Processes papers and other documents for enrollment of new workers and other employee information- accomplishing its info sheet, alituntunin, checking valid ids, etc.)                          
Monitors the manpower of the project in terms of the number needed of workers (skilled and non-skilled)                      
Updates/ maintain monthly and weekly headcount report including subcontractors in the project assigned.
RECORDS MANAGEMENT                        
Maintains 201 file copy/data master list of weekly-paid workers with updated information and details.                    
Assists and records employee’s information on transfer and resignation to maintain and update payroll records.
LABOR RELATIONS & COMPLIANCE                         
Assists resolution on concerns and other issues of workers in best of the capacity.
Helps and assists Site HR for HR and admin works                   
Assists in the facilitation of due process - NTE, BTW and other related notice to concerned workers                  
Prepares DOLE required reports for end-of-contract, transfers, etc.
OTHER ADMIN TASKS                    
Attends toolbox regularly                  
Assists and coordinates with the project management in related activities and other admin tasks as needed from time to time     
Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's/College Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Psychology or equivalent.
With 1-4 Yrs. Experienced Employee specialized in Human Resources or equivalent.
People oriented
Can work under pressure
Amenable to be assign in project site           
Additional Information
Career Level
1 - 4 Years Experienced Employee
Bachelor's/College Degree
Years of Experience
1 years
Job Type
Job Specializations

Date Posted:  7/20/2023 8:58:35 AM

Location: National Capital Region

Deployment of daily manpower                             
Site walk-through of daily accomplishment                         
Prepares daily activity; look-ahead schedule for Two (2) weeks.                           
Prepares technical drawings as per specifications (shop drawings)                         
Prepares material inventory                        
Plan reviews to assess for any discrepancies from structural to architectural                      
CONSTRUCTION PHASE (SUPERVISION)                           
Supervises layout/materials used according to plans and specification                    
Supervises sub-contractors deployed at site (finishing)                   
Supervises material hauling                        
POST-CONSTRUCTION (PAPER WORKS)                             
Prepares Inspection Work Request (IWR's)                        
Prepares material sample for approval by the designer                    
Prepares accomplishment report (sub-con billing)                          
Prepares daily accomplishment report to the project heads                        
Prepares Request for Approval (RFA's)                   
Prepares Request for Information (RFI's)                          
SPECIAL TASK                    
Attends coordination meeting                     
At least 1 to 4 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.
Willing to relocate for the position / Amenable to work on-site.
Additional Information
Career Level
1-4 Years Experienced Employee
Bachelor's/College Degree
Years of Experience
2 years
Job Type
Job Specializations

Date Posted:  1/24/2023 3:32:18 PM

Location: National Capital Region

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Reviews approve drawings, assess all conflicts and explains drawing to lineman and aide.
  • Checks all survey equipment and conducts simple calibration procedures of all instruments before use
  • Provides need of the survey aide and lineman

  • Establish horizontal and vertical control points by marking them to ensure precision and accuracy.
  • Uses equipment and tools properly and accurately.
  • Conducts inspection of layout and elevation together with inspectors to ensure all survey measurements are within the desired specifications.
  • Computes geodetic measurements and interprets survey data in order to determine positions, shapes, and elevations of the building.
  • Prepares all data, charts, plots, maps, record and documents related to survey.
  • Supervises and provides guidance to survey aids/lineman
Post construction

  • Provides post concreting report after pouring
  • Provides accurate as-built data for further assessment.

  • Collaborates with project managers and construction crews
  • Submits monthly accomplishment reports to unit head
  • Provides monthly equipment monitoring status to unit head

  • At least 1 to 4 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position;
  • Candidate must be a Graduate of BS Geodetic Engineering or Civil;
  • With strong analytical, communication, presentation skills as well as an eye for detail;
  • Results-oriented, team-player with strong interpersonal skills;
  • Willing to relocate / commute for the position/ amenable to work on-site;
  • Can start ASAP.

Date Posted:  1/17/2023 5:45:22 PM

Location: National Capital Region

PRECONSTRUCTION / PLANNING                           
·       Reviews plans and specifications to resolve possible conflicts in advance through request form for information (RFI) and request form for approval (RFA).              
·       Determines variation between bid plans and for construction drawings and informs immediate head for claiming variation order to the clients                             
·       Prepares shop drawings for submission to consultants prior to purchasing and execution at site                    
·       Prepares quantity take off upon awarding of project.                          
·       Prepares material look ahead schedule to be updated on a monthly basis. (3 months look ahead).                     
·       Prepares detailed procurement schedule.                      
·       Attends and facilitates tool box meeting.                       
·       Deploys and orients manpower assigned for their daily targets and schedules.         
·       Supervises overall work at site                           
POST CONSTRUCTION                         
·       Updates monitoring on a daily basis particularly manpower, daily consumption, stocks inventory and issues encountered.                     
·       Prepares weekly report to be submitted to ab corp. Head office and client                         
·       Prepares inspection work request (IWR) two days prior to commencement of activity.         
·       Maintains daily logbook using the provided format (daily manpower monitoring, daily consumption monitoring, issues and concerns)                         
·       Evaluates subcontractor's billing to be submitted to the quantity surveyor within the agreed deadline.                           
·       Preparation of three months look ahead schedule   
·       Candidate must possess at least bachelor's degree in geodetic or engineering (civil).                       
·       At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.                       
·       Willing to relocate for the position / amenable to work on-site.
Additional information
Career level
1-4 years experienced employee
Bachelor's/college degree
Years of experience
2 years
Job type
Job specializations